check_1MICR Cheque: SB, CD, DD, FDR, PO etc.
Non MICR Cheque: SB, CD, DD, FDR, PO etc.

credit_1Credit card

scratch_1Scratch card

statementAccount Statement Form

deposit_1Deposit Slip Book

certificate_1Education Certificate

Mark sheet
Admit card
Tabulation Sheet
OMR Litho code
NCR Paper

annual_report_1Annual Report



medicine_1Medicine Box

coil_1Coil Box
Consumer Box

cosmetics_1Cosmetics box

shoe_1Shoe Box

bulb_1Bulb Box

cigeratte_1Cigarette Box

milk_1Milk Box

book_1Book- General, Educational, children’s etc.



yellow_1Yellow pages

promotional_1Promotional materials


With perfect Binding, Wire-O Binding, Saddle stitching, Spiral binding, Flexi binding, Head Case binding capabilities.

# All Kind of Books
# News Letter
# Annual Report
# Brochure
# Poster
# Leaflet
# Label
# Folder
# Security Items
# Note Book
# Diary
# Year Calendar
# Flip Chart
# Quality Business Cards
# Invitation Cards
# Tissue Box
# Tissue Wrapper
# Registrar Books
# Bill Books
# Challan Books
# Vouchers and others

Designing and Tagging
Converting hard copy. PDF and other source files to XML / SGML formats.
Tagging service for faster electronic search and retrieval.
Scanning and Imaging
Latest imaging, Scanning and OCR Tecnnology to cater to all requirements including math and scientific literature.
Output formats include TIFF,PNG, JPEG and GIFamong others
Meet web,e-book and Print requirement.
Editorial and Composition
Composition, editing, Proof reading, artwork and Graphic design under one roof.
Taking your product to market faster and at competitive price.
Multi- Channel publishing
Delivering the content in all formats to suit Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader, I-phone, Black berry and other e-book readers.
Expertise in LaTex, QuarkXpress, indesign, 3B2 and Frame maker.
XML Workflow and DTD creation
Advice on DTD rules, perform DTD edits, schema creation and interpretation, DTD edits, schema creation and interpretation, DTD and Schema mapping.
XML structuring, styling, validating and online contact checks.

Digital Publishing Solution
Highly automated publishing process
Editorial and composition services with rigorous quality checks in place.
XML workflow and DTD creation in accordance with the project requirements.
Output formats suiting to requirement of any channel including print.
Publishing Process Outsourcing
Global service delivery model to meet the publisher’s requirement cost effectively and timely.
All publishing services under one roof.
Technology platform to facilitate dynamic publishing environment.

The pre-press boards of an all encompassing set-up with state-of-the –art equipment corresponding to the latest application software for ripping, imposition, color management, pre-flighting, color separation ( duotone, hexachrome and metallic) and for profiling monitors, scanners and printers.
EWMGL is connected through a wide area network connecting all metros.
File servers are located at two separate places for redundancy.
Clients are connected through a web-to-print application and support is provided through a 24 x7 helpline.