Post Press :

Excellence in impeccability is the origin of our principle and commitment to satisfy our customers is the building block of our business foundation pillar. It is not just what we say…it is the fineness in our finished product that speaks loud.

Adding finishing to the end product determines the worth of our skills. Hence, when printing phase comes to an end stage we carefully wind up our product to make it an ultimate experience to our customers. We have equipped our printing unit with latest post printing machines, like fully automated cutting, automated pasting machines and many other similar machines to give final shape to the product. These machines use bleeding-edge technology to add distinct and eye-catching effect to our work. Latest machineries, updated technology and extremely skilled employees in adherence with their dedication make our post press service adequate and thriving.

Die Cutting Machine
Sl.No Description Size Total Qty.
1 Heidelberg (Die Cutting) 22.25″X 32.5″ 2
2 Die Cutting (China) 23″X36″ 1
3 Die Cutting (China) 18″X23″ 1
4 Die Cutting Maching (HEIDELBERG) 28″X41″ 1


Cutting Machine
Sl.No Description Size Total Qty.
1 Polar Cutting (Garmany) 45″X48″ 8
2 China Cutting 36″X44″ 2
3 Polar 137 EM Monitor Paper Cutting Folding Machine 1
4. Knife Grander (Sharp) Machine (China) # DMSQ 1


Glue Binding Machine
Sl.No Description Size Total Qty.
1 Perfect Glue Binding Machine (China) 1 Clamp 13
2 Perfect Glue Binding Machine (England) 7 Clamp 1
3 Perfect Glue Binding Machine (Swittzerland) 9 Clamp 1
4 Perfect Glue Binding Machine (Swittzerland) 10 Clamp 2
5 Perfect Glue Binding Machine (Japan) 14 Clamp 1
6 Perfect Glue Binding Machine (Japan) 20 Clamp 1



Binding Machine
Sl.No Description Total Qty.
1 Muller Martini Perfect Binging Line 2
2. Stitching Machine 5


Folding Machine
Sl.No Description Total Qty.
1 Folding Machine 2
2 Sthal K 78 4KTL Digital Folding Machine 2


Lamination & Foil Print Machine
No Description Total Qty.
Laminating Machine (Film) 1
UV – Laminating Machine with Drier 36″ 2
Foil Machine (China) # 15″X20″ 1
Wooden Cutting Machine 1
Hot Stamping (Foil Print) Machine 1



Others Machineries
Sl.No Description Total Qty.
1 Plate Exposer Machine 4
2 Air Compressore 28
13 Roll Re -Winding Machine 2
14 Counting Maching (UCHIDA ) 1
15 Counting Maching (VACUUMATIC) 1
16 Rollar wash Machine 2
17 Sprial Binding Machine 1
18 Foil Cutter Machine 1
19 Automatic P.P. Strapping Machine 6