Business Form Machine :

We have being manufacturers of presses to print forms . our demand and experience in the sector has provided us to reach a high degree in benefits and to develop our machines as multi-solutions machines.

Among the solutions we can offer to press business form, we have multi-reels with collator modules up to three impressions, pre-gummed paper, numberings in line, ideal for checks and bank statements and copy statement.

Our rotary machines have also impression units for offset inks and flexographic inks, numbering unit, rings of punches, files, and perforation carried plate.

Corrugation Cartoon Making Plant :

Dedicated paper specialists and our custom computer system allow for roll tracking and reporting throughout the converting process to manage projects efficiently. We are specialized in Cartoon Making, Box Making , Shopping Bags Making & others types of converting. Quality of carton packaging and printing holds a great importance. Why not? After all, packaging of a product determines its quality. Judging a product’s quality on this basis might not be justified, but it is a general customer perception. Hence, carton printing quality along with packaging matters a lot

Sl.No Description Total Qty.
1 PAPER Converting Machine , Line # 1 1
2 SPS Sheet Pasting Machine, 75″, Motor:1HP 1
3 SPR Sheet Pressing Machine,(65″* 75″),Motor:1HP 1
4 FBRC 4 Bar Rotary Cutting & Creasing Machine 75″ 1
5 OHCS Eccentric Slotter 75″ 1
6 High Speed Power Box Stitching Machine, 42″ 2
7 BCH Heavy Duty Board Cutter-58″ 1
8 Card Board Box Making Machine, TC 1100 1
9 ZH-GD-650 Folder Gluer 1




Garments Lebel, Hand Tag, Price Tag :

Printing is one of the primary requirement for any company, be it Garments Industry, Pharmaceutical business, food industry, beauty products, clothing etc. Where ever the product will be packed and distributed either by individual retailers or by whole sellers, printing will come into picture.

The task which seems so easy can even be daunting at times if we look at the complexities involved in the process. The Job requires highly skilled labor and machineries worth crores of taka.

Let us take the example of Garments Industry in Bangladesh. Garments industries are increasing in numbers on daily basis, which is sure to generate more business for the printing industry which is involved in printing, labeling and packaging of their products. The industry is bound to follow the printing standards with regard to delivering the services to Garments companies in Bangladesh or Overseas. The standards relates to making sure that security is not breached while providing the services as even the minor leakage in the packet of printed product can lead to serious consequences.

We are the only one printing industry in Bangladesh who has the ability to produce any kind of product as those are needed in Garments & Pharmaceuticals Industry.



Flexo/ Poly Printing & Packaging:

East West Media Group Limited , Press Unit is a flexible packaging converter specializing in Flexographic and Rotogravure printing, multi-ply Extrusion and Adhesive lamination of film, paper and foil and the Fabrication of Pouches and Bags with a variety of special features.

Web fed Gravure printing produces a high quality, sharp, fine image. Gravure printing lays down a high quantity of ink, this provides excellent density, gradation control and metallic ink appearance.

The image is etched or engraved into a copper cylinder, and then the cylinder is chromed. The gravure cylinder has a long service life and will yield a very large number of impressions without degradation of image quality. The cylinder rotates in a bath of ink. As the cylinder rotates the excess ink is wiped off the cylinder by a flexible steel doctor blade. The ink remains in the recessed cells (engraved area) and then directly transfers to the substrate (paper, PET, PVC, OPP or other materials) as it passes between the cylinder and the impression roller.

Sl.No Description Total Qty.
1 Rotogravure Machine 1
2 Slitter Machine 1
3 Inspecting Machine 1
4 Seal Bag Making Machine 1
5 Dry Wet Laminating Machine 1